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Hairy balls on display

The Sun editor lurking behind every blogger just loves the opportunity to come up with such a headline as that. So my thanks go to Kashif Nadim Chaudry for giving me the chance…

Chaudry’s latest exhibition, Memes, is currently on display at Djanogly Art Gallery. I popped in there this afternooon (blessedly cool thanks to the air con) to check it out. The exhibition is the result of his residency at Lakeside Arts Centre since November 2010.



It’s dramatic stuff! I loved the detail in each piece, especially the textile work. The pieces are large intricate forms which are really striking when viewed from afar but it’s only as you step closer to examine them that you see that the detail is perhaps less lush (and more revolting) than you first thought. Chaudry makes generous use of skulls and chicken heads as well as vast amounts of hair which contribute to a variety of interesting textures in each piece. The heads and hair contrast with lavish fabric and intricate metalwork to create a display which reflects a bold imagination with a real flair for drama.


The exhibition runs for another two weeks so get down there and see what you think.


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