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Links Round-Up: Summer Verbs

beach cricket
beach cricket

Surprisingly NOT in the Olympics: Beach Cricket Action by Michael Coghlan,

Summer Actions:


  • Become a volunteer for the World Event Young Artists event this September. This promises to be an amazing event in Nottingham, bringing together young artists from all over the world. They could do with some volunteers, for various roles, see their website for more details.


  • Most readers are experts in your own creative field, and probably quite good in several others. But if you are not, perhaps a course could be interesting or useful. The under-rated Worker’s Educational Association runs a number of courses, including a very basic course in graphic design.


  • We have often blogged about Surface Gallery, one of the jewels in Nottingham’s gallery scene. (Their postcard exhibition is my current favourite for 2012.)   Their International Open Show runs from 8 to 25 August, with the “private” viewing at 6pm on Tuesday, 7 August. During the private viewing, one of the artists will be announced as the Show Winner, with the prize of a solo exhibition in 2013.


  • Draw: Crocus Gallery in Nottingham will have an exhibition entitled: The Drawing Project from 22 Sept to 13 Oct. If you want to be included, the application deadline is 2 September. Full details on their website.
  •  Build: GameCity (which is GameCity7 this year) promises to be the usual splendid event during October. This year they have created OpenGameCity, their “platform to help people get involved in October’s festival”. This is now open for submissions. They say: allows anyone to participate in and expand the festival by submitting their own event proposals, and there’s (almost) no limit to what we can host;

  • Free game exhibition space
  • Talks/debates/unconferences
  • Music concerts
  • Dance routines
  • Speed dating sessions
  • Art displays
  • Baking/knitting/craft events

We at Creative Nottingham are available to help you test test any baking proposals, just let us know in the comments below.

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