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October countdown

It seems to have been a regular occurrence this year – one month ends and we look to the next with the words “Oh well perhaps … will be better.” Or maybe that’s just the weather. Well whatever the reason, we can all look forward to October in Nottingham. It’s going to be MASSIVE.

Music first. We have three, yes three, bands releasing debut albums this month! Dog is Dead release their album All Our Favourite Stories on 8 October and Jake Bugg releases his eponymous debut the following week. If you missed Nottingham’s Natalie Duncan on Later… this week get on the iplayer now! And then get down to buy – yes, buy (don’t get me started on the subject of illegal downloading) – all of those beauties. For more details about all music events taking place in the city why not visit Nusic and join in the fun!

Next up our friends at Game City return for Game City 7. Running from 20-27 October, the festival aims to take preconceptions about video games and smash them into smithereens. They say:

“After all, games aren’t just for playing. They’re for learning. And for teaching. And for inspiring. At this year’s festival, we want to achieve this in the most accessible, engaging way possible.

It’s a unique exploration of what videogames really mean to the people who play them and the people who make them too.”

Events are taking place for all ages all over the city and are mostly free so keep your eyes peeled or check out the website for more details.

Next, the inaugural Festival of Nottingham is taking place in October! For those of you who haven’t heard about this, it’s being organised by those nice chaps who managed to get Nottingham trending on Twitter in July this year. The festival will combine existing events with new events and combine the whole to make an organised communication celebrating and showing the world (or at least the rest of the country) how fab we all are. Key to this is social media so if you haven’t already, get yourself following them on Twitter, Facebook and add yourself to the mailing list! Go on!

Finally Lace:Here:Now continues with exhibitions celebrating Nottingham’s heritage and lace trade in venues across the city, and of course, it’s Goose Fair month. So is that enough for you?

Enjoy your last peaceful weekend of September – it all kicks off from Monday.