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Bridgford Bop – bringing the dance floor to the doorstep

We all like to believe that clubbing is inclusive and doesn’t discriminate against age, race or class, but in reality clubs are incredibly tribal, and once you hit 30, its unbelievably difficult to find somewhere to go without feeling like a fish out of water. Even at Rock City, it’s more comfortable to be upstairs with the old folk than bopping on the dance floor with the ‘young-uns’.

In contrast, many festivals such as the Green Man festival, Camp Bestival, End of the Road, and Nottingham’s own No Direction Home Festival have specifically targeted the older folk.  This is not surprising, whereas our fathers generation spent their youth in pubs, for most of us in our 30’s and 40’s clubbing was a pretty much everyday pastime in our youth. So where do we go now we are older?

Well, previous generations would have dressed up in their posh polyester and headed for a dance in a local hotel. Thankfully, times have changed, and a new generation of people have started organising events specfically aimed at people who like to go out to socialise and dance to music, yet don’t want the inconvenience and cost of going into the city centre for their entertainment. The emphasis is very much on the community, in a similar strand to the ‘Shop Local’ movement.

As Richard Chapman from Bridgford Bop explains  ” you know what it’s like – you want to have a groove, you think you’ve still got it, but the idea of clubbing in the city is enough to get you reaching for your slippers.. we can promise there will be no One Direction, Katy Perry, or Oops up Side Your Head. There will, however, be indie, ska, punk, hip-hop, new wave, reggae, Brit-pop, folk, dance…rarities, oddities, niceties and quality!”   The first event will be held next Saturday at the Brittania Club, on the banks of the Trent.

Sounds goods, I have to admit the prospect of hip hop got me excited…”hip hop,the Hippie to the hippie, The hip, hip a hop,” .  If you fancy reminiscing over old lyrics, reminders of why your partner doesn’t dance much, chatting with people on the banks of the Trent, this could the event for you, and hopefully you can make to the last dance.

Bridgford Bop is at the Britannia Boat Club, Trent Side North, NG2 5FA – 7.30pm to 1am

Tickets are £5, and local schools will benefit from the profits

For further details mmail Rich Chapman on or join the facebook page here




Jagdish Patel is a Nottingham based photographer and a Director at the Nottingham Photographers’ Hub a social enterprise helping vulnerable communities enter the creative sector.