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Guest Blog: The Thrill of Waiting up for the End of the World


A visit to Creative Nottingham from Kirsty Fox!

Bucking the national news trends of doom and gloom, Nottingham has felt abuzz the past couple years with independent creative projects coming alive. From mixed creative nights hosted by MIMM, to new music platforms like Nottingham Rocks, to the stonking success of World Event Young Artists this September, the local scene has felt vibrant and eclectic.

When you combine this with the growth of ebooks, social media and self-publishing, it seems like the perfect time to launch my personal project — an independent, local book publisher. I spent the last six years slaving over my first novel ‘Dogtooth Chronicals’ (sic) in between studying art and holding down various bar jobs. It’s an unusual novel, not easy to pigeonhole into a genre and having researched traditional publishing routes it would take a minimum of 18 months to get to print. That’s if I was lucky enough not to suffer the years of being rejected and overlooked like J.K Rowling, for example.

Self-publishing is not quite as simple as the media have been leading us to believe. Anyone can put a poorly edited ebook with a clip-art cover up on Amazon for very little cost, but a little more effort goes into a quality piece of literature. I wasn’t going to spend half a decade writing the thing, not to give it the finish it deserves. I’ve always wanted to have my own creative business, so it seemed logical that if I was putting so much elbow grease into publishing my own work, why not continue as an independent publisher and provide opportunities for other writers in a similar position?

So on 26th October 2012 I’m hosting a launch night for both Dogtooth Chronicals and Bees Make Honey publishing. In the spirit of the novel it will not be a terribly traditional book launch. Instead I’m billing it as an Apocalypse Party, a last chance to celebrate, with live music, film and arty stuff from local creative talent. The book details the lives of a motley group of characters unable to commit themselves to a conventional future, instead they’re gifted a minor apocalypse, shades of dystopia and a test of their survival instincts. It’s a reflection on a hopeless generation littered with magic realism, cynical Northern humour and the hair of the dog.

The party will be held in Nottingham Contemporary café bar with live music from Grey Hairs, Monkeys with Typewriters and Eleanor Lee. There will be a film short from Phil Formby and Tom Stead, plus some arty stalls and the disc jockey skills of Dan Layton. Signed copies of Dogtooth Chronicals will be available to buy on the night at a special introductory price. The novel with be available for general sale in Nottingham Contemporary shop and other independent outlets. For more information visit the events page or blog.

I really hope to see you there!


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