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Double, nay Triple Digital Events This Week

representation of text "digital revolution" in green
representation of text "digital revolution" in green

Digital Revolution, by Charles Dyer,

We have blogged about the Creative Quarter initiative in Nottingham, most recently their launch event at the end of September. Tomorrow night, Tuesday 9 October, at Nott Tuesday at Antenna, is a chance to hear Adam Bird talk about it and what it means, and can mean, for the Tech community. Adam is Esendex’ co-founder and Chief Technology Officer and has been very involved with the City in their work in this area. A great chance to hear his view and ask questions.

The Nott Tuesday meeting is actually a double event. David Vernau and Mick Dunn from Nottingham City Council will be talking about the Open Data Initiative in Nottingham. As well as the political implications, there may be opportunities for startup and businesses to use the data:

They want to use this Open Date initiative to increase transparency whilst helping to improve efficiency in their internal work processes and help stimulate local innovation to create valuable new services and applications.

I enjoyed an earlier version of their presentation at GeekUp Nottingham in August. And if you want to get dirty with some data before hand, have a look at their Nottingham Insight. Nott Tuesday starts at 6.30 at Antenna.

On the appropriately named Second Wednesday of this month, which is this Wednesday, 10 October, the group of the same name is meeting at Antenna. Nick Hayward has handed over the reins (thanks, Nick, for all your work) to Jamie Huskisson, Director of local web agency JH, and Chris Allwood, late of this parish. They promise new enthusiasm and ideas, but are also interested in your ideas for this monthly meeting in Nottingham’s web industry:

we’ll be having drinks starting at Antenna at 7pm. Feel free to join us in the conversation and help shape the future of 2W and it’s resurgence amongst the Nottingham web scene.

Two evenings, three events, enjoy!

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