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My Creative Space – Envi Media


In the latest of our Creative Workspace series we visit the home of a brand new business and discover how they’re getting off the ground. Hello to Nicole from Envi Media!

What do you do?

We’re a media production service. We offer photography and videos for weddings, baby portraits and business promotion. We can take the unique selling points of your business and make it into a video – it’s much better to get web traffic with a video than with text. We do the whole thing – from the initial idea through to planning, producing, editing and delivery. I’ve just done a film for Bliss Chair Covers where I summed up their business and made something completely different. This has obviously got a range of uses – not just to generate more web traffic but you can use it for conferences or events and so on.

And you’re a brand new company? How long have you been going?

I started doing photography seriously in 2007 and took it at A Level. I graduated from De Montfort University in July this year, with a degree in media production. I set up Envi Media in June after applying to Enterprise Inc for help to set up the business – they provide grants and a mentoring scheme for graduates in the East Midlands. They saw that I could do the work but I didn’t have much experience of sales or marketing my services so I’ve been getting advice on this from my mentor. It’s a really good scheme if you’re just starting out.

What’s your weekly routine like?

Each day is different, as you can imagine – it depends on the nature of the work I’ve got at any time. So far it’s worked out at three days shooting and two days editing, with weekends attending events (such as baby events) to hand out cards or promotional gift bags. My equipment is all portable so I can set up shoots wherever I’m needed and I do the editing at home here. So far most of my business has been via word of mouth or referral schemes so I haven’t had to do much advertising.

So you don’t have a creative space as such?

It’s wherever I go. I have a range of props for baby shoots, hats and so forth. Babies are quite easy to photograph as when they’re really little you can pose them quite creatively. In the future, I’d like to have my own studio space, not a unit, but a room in my own house as that makes it a bit more personal, especially for baby shoots. For now, my creative space is anywhere and it can be packed into my car.

How wide an area do you work?

It’s across the East Midlands. I’m based in Nottingham, obviously, but my mentor is in Leicester and I can travel anywhere across the region. My suppliers are mainly local Nottingham businesses which makes it easier to keep the prices down. I offer canvases, keyrings, digital photo frames and put the shots into these gift bags with nicely bound cases for the CDs. It all comes from local sources I found on Google or Facebook.

Thanks so much for talking to us Nicole and best of luck with your new business.

Thank you. If any Creative Nottingham readers would like to have us produce a video for their business, please get in touch and quote ‘Creative Nottingham’ for a 10% discount.

You can contact Nicole at Envi Media at Facebook or Twitter

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