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Our 2012 – Pixel Portraits

Pixel Portraits - Flowers Portrait

What’s 2012 done for you? Here’s the first in a short series of posts from creative businesses around the city where they tell us about their year. First up, Tim and Georgie from Pixel Portraits.

Hello! First up, who are Pixel Portraits?

We’re a brother and sister team based in Mapperley.

We create unique contemporary portraits from people’s favourite photos using a variety of patterns including hearts, stars, rubber ducks, pawprints, numbers, bike sprockets and mod targets. Up close all you can see is the pattern but as you move further back the portrait magically appears!

We’ve designed our range of patterns so that portraits can be personalised to reflect the subject of the picture or the occasion being celebrated. For example, for a 21st birthday present the birthday boy/girl can be created using hundreds of tiny ’21s’; for a wedding present the happy couple can be created using hundreds of hearts; or for a portrait of a pet a favourite photo can be reproduced using hundreds of pawprints.

Blimey. What have you been up to this year then?

We’ve been really busy! This time last year we only had one pattern and had just launched the first version of our website – perfectly timed to miss the Christmas rush!

Since then we’ve added another 10 patterns and now offer 20 colours to match any decor. All of the options are available to view and buy on our new website at

We’ve also been fine tuning all the other aspects of our products – framing, mounting, packaging, delivery and all the other things that you take for granted when you buy a product from someone else! We’re really pleased to have sourced all these things in the UK and, after lots of refinements, very happy with the quality of our portraits.

How’s everything been working out for you?

We’ve been delighted with the positive response to the portraits so far, especially when people see them for real. On our website, Facebook and Twitter it’s much harder to convey the idea and we’re constantly experimenting with new ways to show people how it works – the latest is a new gizmo on our website that lets visitors zoom in to see the pattern behind the portraits.

Back in the real world we’ve been attending a variety of shows and craft fairs, most recently the West Bridgford Arts & Crafts Fair. It’s great to talk to people about the portraits and learn from other exhibitors about the best events in Nottingham and general business tips.

Because our products are personalised we’re rapidly approaching our 16th December cutoff for Christmas delivery so we’ll soon be turning our full attention to the Nottingham area – we can create portraits for collection right up to the 20th December.

And what about next year?

After the Christmas break it’s straight on to planning for next year – more shows and fairs plus Valentines, wedding, new baby/Christening and year round birthday gifts. We’re also planning to add some new patterns to our range and have some exciting ideas for brand new products.

In addition to expanding our product range, we’d love to explore ways to work with other creatives and businesses in Nottingham and across the UK. Please get in touch if you’d be interested in working with us.

It looks like another busy year ahead!

Thanks for your interest and have a very happy Christmas.