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Hatching a plan?

hatching a plan? New Year 2013

Earlier this week my plan was to blog on New Year’s Resolutions (had to ponder on a new snappy title as I have already used the Beatles inspired “you say you want a resolution” in 2012.)

If you make them what are yours? More importantly how’s the follow through going?

Perhaps one of mine should have been to get things done? It is after all mid January, some might suggest I’m a little tardy!

I recently read Mark McGuinness’s Seven Deadly Sins of Creativity which notes how easy it is to confuse the incubation of creative ideas with procrastination. Quite!

I have however managed to start something with a new sketch book and a commitment to “a drawing a day” so 18 days in I am beginning to formulate a positive habit!

Whilst I was hatching my plan Notts artist Sue Bulmer posted The Simple Things – New Year Wish List. I’m sure she’s not the only one to beat me to it!

Sue’s list has a positive feel, resolutions don’t have to be about denial! Its said that even if you are giving something up then focusing on what you have to gain by doing so is the route to success.

If you want to plan a positive 2013 look no further than Action For Happiness and/or get your hands on a copy of Keeping Your Spirits Up self published by Notts Occupational Psychologist Sarah Dale

In my “creative incubation”  phase I came across this great article proving that crazy business ideas can sometimes prove to be less crazy than you think…so if you have one hatching perhaps nows the time to crack that shell and get going?

It was the doggles in the headline that made me read more. Now I think what I really need is a lucky break. What do you think?


Diana is one of our team of bloggers, who likes to think she doesn’t procrastinate too much (however as this blog was conceived on Monday and it’s now Friday perhaps the creative incubation was a little longer than anticipated) She can be reached at and followed on twitter @AnaidMPA