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Links Round-up: Creative Quarter in Jan 2013

logo of the Nottingham Creative Quarter

logo of the Nottingham Creative QuarterA number of news items for the Creative Quarter initiative as 2013 gets under way:

The CQ Facebook group is a good way to keep up with news. And if want to talk to someone rather than just read web pages, this group are offering a series of Drop In Sessions on Thursdays:

Many people have requested a drop in session to answer questions and offer support. We are pleased to announce that our current ambassador, Rikki Marr, will be available to do this every Thursday from the Creative Corner building, 8 Stoney Street as of this week ( 10am-12am and 4pm- 8pm). [Note that the Facebook announcement has different times for this week – check before going.]

Another good compendium is the single CQ site which CJ Lyon (@pcmcreative) has pulled together, covering all the Creative Quarter stuff she knows about. This overlaps the Facebook group and is a good starting point if you are new to this, along with our blog post of the launch.

Looking at the emerging management infrastructure, a Community Interest Group (CIC) has been formed. The press release from Antenna notes that both Antenna MD Craig Chettle and BioCity Director Toby Reid will be members.

An advert for the Chief Operations Officer, who will really run things for the Creative Quarter initiative, was posted in early January. The closing date is this Friday, 1 February, so we may see an announcement next month.

NTU, who have nurtured the Hive for some years, will also be playing an important part as they describe in a recent press release.

Broadway Cinema have been successful in obtaining an Arts Council grant

to build a new creative business centre at their home in Hockley, Nottingham. It will create an open-plan centre giving young people access to the latest creative technologies and business support and make the organisation the lead centre for Creative Media in Central England. They will encourage collaboration between artists, arts organisation, technologists, academics and industry to provide a framework for new modes of artistic production, creative innovation and knowledge exchange.

Finally, don’t think this initiative is cut and dried, all determined.  There are discussions to be had about scope, style and approach. Adam Bird (@adambird), who has played a strong part in defining the Creative Quarter idea with the City Council, has put his 0.02 euro in with a post on the Esendex company blog.

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