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Blogger’s night at Kiehl’s Nottingham


The lovely folks at Kiehl’s Nottingham held a blogger’s evening on Wednesday 23rd January, celebrating their secret weapon in the beauty world; Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Now we’ll be honest, this isn’t something we normally cover at Creative Towers but we’ll try anything once so our intrepid new contributor Erin Shortall went along to blog for us.

“The evening started well, with the Keihl’s team providing sweet treats and pomegranate fizz! Who are Keihl’s you ask? Well, set up in 1851, they’re a company that has dedicated themselves to provide high quality skin and hair care using natural ingredients and few preservatives, no nasty chemicals in sight! Since they opened in New York, Kiehl’s have always tried to help the community. This includes running a program called ‘The Mission of Kiehl’s’, which supports HIV/ AIDS research charities, environment charities and children charities, fundraising for the great causes that they support. This year, Kiehl’s UK is fundraising for the Terence Higgins Trust and Great Ormond Street children’s hospital.

Nottingham is one of three UK stand alone Kiehl’s stores and I’m really pleased that they have opened here as they’re clearly very knowledgeable and they’re a company that warm the cockles of my heart. The staff are highly trained and very nice, knowing what their products do and which are best for you – refreshing!

Plus, they’ve got New York’s East Village pop surrealist designer Kenny Scharf to design Kiehl’s Creme de Corps bottle. Not only is it a fantastic moisturizer, but 100% of the profit from it goes to charity and it looks cool too!

Best of all, I was lucky enough to be given some freebies, including the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Although £36 for 30ml, it is worth the investment as an alternative to night crème, and with added lavender it’s an added aid to get to sleep.

Don’t worry if you are a student, you get a 15% discount. Next time you’re wandering down Pelham Street, why don’t you give the friendly staff at Kiehl’s a visit? You won’t be wasting your time!”

So there we go – Erin’s clearly been won over!

Erin is a freelance writer bobbing about from Liverpool, to London and Nottingham throughout the year. She is a final year film student at the University of Nottingham who loves to broadcast the phenomenal talent that is out there, though she doesn’t mind writing constructive criticism either! You can tweet her at @erinshortall