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Take one student, one lion and some wool…

So it’s a grey morning. The sky is grey, the pavements are grey, the square slabs are grey, the Council House is grey. Get the picture? It’s still too cold for bare legs at this time in the morning and I’m contemplating a warming shot of caffeine when something catches my eye. Something pink. And blue. And woolly.

Nikki gets to work!
(picture courtesy of NCN)

If you were in the Market Square today you must have spotted New College Nottingham student Nikki Charlesworth taking her exam. Nikki is taking her A level in Textile Design and for her final project has chosen to yarnbomb one of Nottingham’s most loved landmarks.

Yarnbombing, as readers of this blog will know, is something close to my heart and it’s so great to see someone else share my love of it in such a public and important manner. Nikki was inspired by New York-based Polish artist Olek (who covered the Wall Street bull statue in crochet last year.)

“When I learnt about yarn bombing I became fascinated by the break in stereotype,” says Nikki. “Everyone associates crochet with older people, but this new art movement is breaking down the traditional methods of crochet and making it artistic, young and fresh. Yarn bombing has mainly been done in America and has not featured much in the UK, so it could be a first! That’s really exciting.”

Nikki will be at her exam again tomorrow (Thursday) so get down to the square and take a look. And then get yourselves planning the next yarn bomb in Nottingham. We could get really good at this – the possibilities are endless! *gets out crochet and knitting needles*

Sue is one of our team of bloggers. When not manipulating wool into weird and wonderful shapes (some of them are even wearable…) she can be reached on sue AT and followed on Twitter @basfordian