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Special Event Blog: Ronnie Wood Exhibition

Ronnie Wood - Stones On Stage

Ronnie Wood - Stones On StageThis is a really exciting inaugural exhibition for Castle Galleries‘ new space in Nottingham (a few doors down from its original spot in the Exchange Arcade, but much bigger and brighter). There are other notable names on display (and for sale!) that will draw in collectors and music fans – Billy Connolly and Bob Dylan, for example – as well as work by Dali and Govinder, among others.

Personally, I favour Dylan’s work; it’s simple and unintimidating, with familiar subjects and scenes depicted in strong, confident colours. There’s a painting of a bicycle that I snapped up immediately (…in my imagination), because it made me think lovingly of riding my own bike on a sunny day. Billy Connolly’s stylised monochrome drawings, heavy with lines and patterns, were also striking – odd and humorous little ideas carefully put to paper, with nature as an underlying theme.

I liked the energy and movement in Wood’s paintings of the Rolling Stones and other musicians in performance; he’s used his remarkable experience to capture the drama of live music. Yet it was the triptych of pencil sketches entitled ‘Geronimo Country Tucson Arizona’ that I preferred. Simple lines formed reflective scenes where no human figure was demanding attention, and I appreciated this more private insight into the private life of a ‘rock star’.

It’s quite difficult to separate the artist from the work – and it will be irresistible for fans of their music to come and see if they can divine something new about their heroes from it. However, they should not overlook the handful of lesser known artists whose work is also displayed. There are wonderful pieces to look out for, especially (for me) the cosmic and mesmerising colours of Wendy Satchwell’s compositions, and the moody Thames scenes painted by self-taught artist Alexander Millar.

All in all, there is something here to make everyone wish they were a collector; it’s also great to have such major pieces displayed outside of London, and hopefully Castle Galleries will keep them coming. This particular exhibition is only on until Sunday 9th of June, so don’t wait about!

Rosy has recently moved to Nottingham after three years away, and is really very happy to be back. She’s particularly enjoying the charity shops, the new record stores and exploring the area by bike. Follow her on Twitter @HowManyRoses.