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Screens in the wild


Have you seen those screens at the Broadway? Not the cinema, the ones outside. They’re at the New Art Exchange too. The interactive ones. If you’ve seen them but don’t know what they’re about it’s this.

Screens in the Wild is a collaboration between researchers at the Universities of Nottingham and London. There are four screens, two here and two in the big smoke. They are all connected and, if you have a look, you can often see people in London looking at their screen. Give them a wave; they can see you too!

The project came about because the researchers saw the dominance of screens in public spaces these days. They’re everywhere and what do we get on them? Adverts mainly. How often do you actually look, I mean really look at them? Not often, I’d wager. So Screens in the Wild was about fostering a sense of community, about using screens to connect with people and provide interesting content that wasn’t based on selling.

And what did they offer? Well, art projects, interactive music apps, Twitter/ Instagram based projects that highlighted the plight of homeless people, all sorts of things, a really diverse list. And now they’re on the lookout for more.

So here’s your chance Nottingham! You’ve been given a blank canvas, an interactive app ready to be adapted and used, software that’s ready to talk. If you’ve got any ideas about what to fill these screens in the wild with, we want to hear from you!

For more details, have a good look through the Screens in the Wild website and social media sites. And please do let us know what you think could work – even if it’s just a vague notion. We’re here to help create partnerships, put ideas people together or give you a platform to bounce thoughts off.

This is a great chance to get yourself out there? Artists/ gamers/ social entrepreneurs/ students/ thinkers of all kinds – Screens in the Wild are waiting for your call. Use them!

Sue is one of our team of bloggers. When not trying to foster community spirit with screens she can be reached on sue AT and followed on Twitter @basfordian