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Where’s your soul at?


With all the apps on the market these days you’d think there’d be something good wouldn’t you? But no, the app store is still dominated by utter nonsense – games with birds, things that put turbans on your photos, the tambourine app… you know the ones I mean. So wouldn’t it be great if someone was using this explosion in technological possibilities to do something creative, dare we say innovative? Well lucky for us, the Near Now project at The Broadway is on the case.

Soul Lines, devised by artists Belasco and New, looks at the rise of technology and asks if we are moving too fast for our souls. The app is based around a popular idea that the soul can only travel at walking pace and that moving faster results in your soul becoming disembodied.

I like the idea of this. How do they measure it? How do they know? So I signed up as a tester as the app is still in Beta mode. At the introductory meeting I was asked if my soul was with me. For a fleeting moment I thought about mentioning splitting it into Horcruxes but the chances are, my soul is curled up with a book somewhere in exhaustion. I said yes. (Though what does your soul look like? The best part of Philip Pullman’s books were the daemons, animal version of the soul, and I always yearned for something wild and romantic, strong and sweeping, perhaps a black horse. My husband, on being asked, has suggested a goat. This is due to my determined and stubborn nature, he says, rather than an ability to eat everything and anything. Thanks dear.)

Anyway, The Broadway are looking for more testers. This is an art project so the testing will contribute to that as well as looking at usability issues. And for now it’s Android phones only. If you are interested, contact Mat Trivett at the Broadway. 


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