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Two wheel trails


Image courtesy of Lucy Stendall photography,

So if you’ve been in the city centre in the last week or so, you’ll have seen the sudden proliferation of green hire bikes. For £4-5 a day or free to Kangaroo ticket users, you can cycle around Nottingham without the worry of having to maintain a bicycle. I say this, but having a quick look in the internet, apparently the scheme has already been running for six months! And so far it hasn’t been going well. But that’s hardly surprising, given the weather we’d had until about two weeks ago. Go out on a bike? No thanks, I’ll huddle by this fire with a hot chocolate and brandy thanks very much.

The other reason may have been that no one really knew of any good places to cycle. And that’s where we might be able to help. Here at Creative Towers we’ve spent the week attempting to put together some trails for you to go on your bike, if you’re interested in the creative industries.

To start you off, we bring you two maps.

The first is a map of locations with a film theme. Not just cinemas (though we’ve included two of the best), but film and TV locations for you to hop off your bike and pretend to be Batman or Arthur Seaton or whoever you want. (If anyone has the road name of the flats in Lenton where they filmed Control, please let me know and I’ll add it.

The second map is of the city’s art galleries. I knew we were well off for art but seeing them all down in one place is pretty impressive. This one doesn’t have an obvious cycle route to trace through it – I haven’t put lines on the map for you to follow on either one so you can make up your own route.

I’m planning a cycle tour of the city’s sculpture and possibly one of really good independent shops (though I think these might be situated in too small an area for a good cycling session) but if you’ve any suggestions for these or new maps, please do comment below!


Sue is one of our team of bloggers. She no longer owns a bike but likes the idea of them. When not wrestling with Google maps, she juggles blogging here, writing a novel, looking after one-year old and a full time job. And knitting. She can be reached on sue AT and followed on Twitter @basfordian