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Be a Frog in the Market Square!

person in frog costume

person in frog costumeGo on, admit it: you have always wanted to frolic in the Market Square in a frog costume.  No?  How about making mischief with the public inside the safety of a skeleton costume?

On the 12th and 13th of September, your dream can come true.  The innovative Night of Festivals is coming to Nottingham again, and they are looking for volunteers to become frogs, Day of the Dead skeletons, and, if you are a child: cats and mice.   The volunteers will join others in processions as well as having the opportunity for some spontaneous fun.  The costumes for the characters have been created by Mandinga Arts.   If you need a serious justification for this,they promise that there will be the opportunity to work with experienced staff from Mandinga, looking at costume, movement and performance.

There are two rehearsal sessions planned in late August and early September. To find out more and register your interest, contact alison AT  (There are many other things of interest on the City Arts website as well.)

The event itself promises to be quite something – in 2011 it left our correspondent “open mouthed and amazed“.

Channel your inner Kermit!

people dressed as skeletons, dancing

 The images in this post are from Mandinga Arts and are used with permission. 

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