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Rich pickings

This week when not foraging for bountiful blackberries by fighting the wilderness in the corner of the garden (which includes shoulder high nettles, thistles and the brambles themselves which sport vicious thorns more than a centimetre long) I have been contemplating the rich pickings on offer in Notts.

take your pick

There’s no particular focus to my links round up just my brief pick of some of the bounty to be had in the next few weeks …..

“It’s in the trees, it’s coming” (apologies to Kate Bush and the actor in the  film she sampled)

Nottingham based curators Ordinary Culture open their Duke’s Wood project on 31 August with a programme of events until 29 September.


Sign up for a free workshop from  Superfast Broadband next month to help you get the most out of the Internet. City dwellers with lightning speed connections may not be aware of the campaign to get superfast broadband in notts follow @superfastnotts for latest news.

Near Now

Book for a talk that’s part of the Near Now programme at Broadway exploring technology Found is on 4 September if you get a taste for it then there’s also one in October from The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy

The night is coming

John has already encouraged you all to be a frog for the Night of Festivals but they also need volunteer stewards

The Dark Knight sold out

Before I had a chance to book my ticket Quad’s screening of the film at Wollaton Hall has sold out but there are places to see Quad’s other big screen presentations.

Make an exhibition of yourself

Make an application to the Nottingham Castle Open in 2013 it has a stylish new website of its own, free to enter online deadline 15 September.

Crafty? Apply to be part of Nottingham Contemporary’s 5th Craft & Design Fair

Need space? Hire a gallery in 2014 at Rufford or Thoresby in North Notts

Nottingham Craft Mafia can offer some at from just £2 per month in the Nottingham Craft Mafia Shop at Hopkinson Vintage, Antique and Arts Centre.


Barefoot, baring my soles

And finally (though not strictly creative it comes under the above heading) join me and I hope at least 7050 others at Wollaton Park on Sunday 8 September for an attempt at breaking a world record! I’m baring my soles for Barefoot Walk Nottingham (The picture is in the North Sea so don’t expect that at the event)

Oh and I forgot to mention I’ve hoping to get my soul sorted too,  finally signed up for the launch of soul lines not quite brave enough to be a beta tester like Sue


Diana is one of our team of bloggers and when not being scratched by thorns or cautiously sidestepping fewmets at Wollaton Park (or using obscure words needing links) she can be contacted by email and followed on twitter @AnaidMPA