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Four years ago…

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We’ve set up CreativeNottingham to bring together all the various wonderful, strange and often unexpected things going on in Nottingham’s creative, digital and arts business communities in a digestible web form for you to subscribe to by RSS or email to get the latest, fresh fix of what’s going on.  Whether you’re a creative looking for new collaborators, a business looking for training or just want to find an event or exhibition to go to – we’ve got it covered.

We’re a little bored of hearing negative things in the local and national press about Nottingham – and the economic melt-down – so we’re going to uncover success stories of creative people doing it for themselves and scratching below the surface to prove there’s more going on here than the nationals (and even the locals) realise.  

In the process we hope to entertain, inform and fulfill our secret mission to get Nottingham creatives fixed on blogging, online publishing and all things social media.

*coughs modestly* Four years ago, Creative Nottingham hit your screens with this message for the world.  It seems such a looooong time ago! And have we succeeded? You decide. But we hope that over the last four years we’ve brought a few things to your attention, entertained you and brought you a vast array of voices from Nottingham’s creative industries.

To celebrate our fourth birthday, we’ve got a series of blogs planned – some vintage posts and some guest voices from bloggers past and present – and, fingers crossed, hopefully this month we’ll be able to reveal an exciting new look for the site! (The tech guys at Creative Towers are now staring at me long and hard for letting the cat out of the bag) (if not this month, chaps, there will be a new look soon, no pressure.)

Don’t forget we’re always pleased to hear from bloggers and creatives the city over so if you’d like to join the team or to write us a series of blog posts please do get in touch at

And if you’d like to join our birthday celebrations, tell us what you’ve been up to in the last four years! Blog, tweet or Facebook us #CNis4 (We also have a party planned, more details to come…)

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all of you who’ve contributed to the site, sent us info or promoted us to their friends over the last four years. We appreciate each and every one of you!

Here’s to the next four years!