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Birthday guest blog: Knit Nottingham

Hello Again!

It’s Eleanor from Knit Nottingham, the city centre’s only independent yarn shop, here catching up with you on Creative Nottingham’s fourth birthday (and so close to our third birthday)! I can’t believe how fast time flies by – congratulations!

In the last four years our little shop has grown from a twinkle in my eye to to a fully fledged proper business. It’s been amazing. When I look back at the blogs I wrote two years ago I can’t believe how young I seem – I’ve lost the youthful optimism you see. Running a business is hard on body and mind but it’s also been the most amazing journey and, with the help of my lovely customers and all supportive Nottinghamites, we’ve scaled some amazing heights!

When we first opened I just wanted to make 11 months – and here we are three years later. We’ve worked with the National Trust, the British Heart Foundation, provided lessons for local libraries, made speeches in front of very important people on the state of local policing, been on Sky News, been a regular on BBC Nottingham, filmed knitting and crochet lessons for the world wide market, hosted boozy World Wide Knit in Public events and taught over 200 people to knit and crochet in our little shop. And to top it all off we were voted the third best yarn shop in the UK (the UK!!!).

Unbelieveable. It’s amazing the people that you meet around here and the enthusiasm there is for small creative businesses – I’m sure Nottingham is really the place to be in that respect. The journey isn’t over though – we have massive plans! We’re working towards a bigger shop (maybe with some sort of cafe area!) and to that end we’ve commissioned special one off crochet hooks, organised a bus trip to the Yarndale Festival (and had to upgrade the bus twice because of demand) and we’re welcoming a guest teacher all the way from Canada!

There are other plans percolating in my head but I’m too busy planning for our third birthday party – keep an eye out. Thanks everybody for the support and thanks to Creative Nottingham (and Basfordian) for letting me have a rant on your pages two years ago, it set me up with my very own blogging style.

Love Eleanor 🙂

91, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FN

(0115) 947 4239