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Birthday blog from the archives: What you saw at Nottingham Light Night 2010

To celebrate our fourth birthday we’re re-posting a few of our old favourites. First up, a round up of pictures from Light Night a few years back.

You can find photos from this year’s event on Nottingham Light Night 2011 photos.

It’s all too easy to get fed up during these dark cold weeks of winter. But relax. Thanks to a little CreativeNottingham magic, we bring you happy memories from last week’s Nottingham Light Night. Apparently this Light Night thing is a bit of tradition across the country. It’s certainly taken on a life of its own here in Nottingham. There were surreal sights like this fantastic creature created and modelled by Kelly:

Not to mention the singing nun, as captured by Stiggy (see loads more great Light Night pics on his blog).

For CreativeNottingham blogger Susi O Neill, the highlights of the night were:

“Dayglo dancing skeletons, pirouetting lights & birdsong at Castle, goth fetish aliens at Danse Macabre.”

For RedCreative the night was:“Sooo v.cold, but a good time had – especially magical for my 6-year-old!”

Blogger Lucie Hewitt summed up the evening’s many events:

“There was a candle-lit choir sevice inside St Mary’s church, the oldest in Nottingham, stilt-walkers and electronic robots performed through the streets and there was live music from folk and ska bands in Market Square. Children could play in the secret gardens and there were ghost tours at The Galleries of Justice and a lazer and lights show in the castle grounds. Highlights were ‘The Dukes Dukebox’, where a blues band performed in a tiny caravan, taking requests from the audience as they selected a song from the catalogue and punched in the corresponding numbers and an open-air disco fronted by Leftlion.”

Aside from a spooky tour around the Galleries of Justice and nosey around the Lace Market Theatre, one of my favourite moments of the evening was this surreal announcement made from the stage in Market Square:

“The goddesses will start processing next to Marks and Spencer in ten minutes!”

For Ollie, Light Night offered “Lots of bright shiny things to see.”

It was that kind of an evening. A familiar place made surreal. Wherever you went, from the Pit and Pendulum pub to Market square to Nottingham Castle, there was something to be spotted. Like this robot as seen by Tom.

Or the musicians trapped in a caravan, as captured by blogger Guzziesue (take a look at the other sights she saw).

It was certainly an evening of contrasts. From the spectacular, like the firework display at Nottingham Castle, shared by the organisers 1st Galaxy …(more great Light Night pics here):

…to the serenity of singing in Nottingham’s historic St Mary’s Church (part of great set of Light Night pictures by Setsuyostar).

And with Market Square the focal point of the evening’s activities, it was no surprise that the big wheel, as for Kate Lockhart, featured large in people’s memories of the night.

We hope that has brought a little Light night brightness into your Friday. If you really want to shake off the snow-blues, get your groove on and enjoy this fantastic musical Light Night dragon, from  Dragon Heart Beats as shared by Martin Valentine. Wish I’d got to see it!

If you have something you’d like to share from Nottingham Light Night 2010, feel free to email us your pictures/memories – or add something via the comments section below.