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Stopping for coffee at the Carrington Quarter

The approach to the city centre from the railway station is dreadful isn’t it? How anyone is supposed to feel kindly about arriving in Nottingham when that’s what you see is beyond me. But perhaps the station upgrade is just the thing we need to get a bit of investment and love into the area, and short of demolishing the Broadmarsh, it certainly seems like many others have thought the same way. So in the last few months we’ve seen a gradual creeping of the corporate coffee chains and small supermarkets that pass for regeneration projects these days.

2013-11-20 13.39.10Look past the familiar names, though, and you’ll find a gem of a coffee shop newly opened on Carrington Street, just across from the station. Cappuchaino opened just 10 weeks ago and is Nottingham’s newest independent coffee shop. When they tweeted us to review them, we couldn’t resist taking them up on the offer. I placed my order and popped down.

The decor is lime green and a mocha brown. (Forgive me if it’s not actually mocha coloured, I only drink black Americanos so I have nothing to compare it to…) There’s a light jazz playing (don’t let that put you off) and the lighting is bright without being too glary. So far so good. I order my coffee and sit down with Esther, the manager.

2013-11-20 13.19.19Cappuchaino offers coffee, teas, breakfast and light lunches. I ask if they use local suppliers and Esther tells me that the coffee comes from West Bridgford! Eh? “Well obviously the beans come from South America and India, but they’re roasted in West Bridgford.” There’s something I didn’t know, West Bridgford, coffee roasters of Britain. (The beans come from 200 Degrees)

Breakfast comes in two options – healthy and FULL ON. They’re hoping the healthy breakfasts will take off around New Year but this week it’s been all about the full breakfast. Too right. Brrrrr. The menu is veggie, vegan and halal friendly, caters to all tastes and comes from local suppliers as much as possible.

2013-11-20 13.21.51But there’s more. Downstairs is a lounge room, the Canal Suite, lovely relaxing seating. My office is calling but frankly it’s difficult not to make myself comfy on a chair for the afternoon, like two gentlemen who obligingly pose for my pictures. This area is open for hire and is also where they host special music nights, mocktail nights and other events. There’s also free wifi.

2013-11-20 13.38.22Being Creative Nottingham, we couldn’t leave without sampling the cakes. I had a slice of carrot, pretty tasty with a lovely piquant icing. (It’s a chore but if we didn’t sample them we wouldn’t be doing justice to a full review)

So if you’re on your way to the station, pop in for breakfast or, if you’re on your way from the station, why not stop in for longer? This is a better way to greet visitors.

Cappuchaino is open from 7am-6.30pm Monday to Friday, 9-5 on Saturdays and 10-5 on Sundays. You can also check out their website for updates on the menu and events nights here.