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A Creative Nottingham gift guide

Christmas is coming. Frankly we’ve been trying to avoid it – for example, I’ve only seen that overrated overpriced pile of animated emotionally manipulative nonsense once (you know what I’m talking about here) – but it’s time to face facts. If throwing your hard earned cash into the drawers of corporate giants dominating the high street is getting you down then why not pick your gifts from the pick of Nottingham’s independent makers this year? That’s where we come in. Here’s a post to highlight some of the best and what’s more, we’ll tell you where to go to get them – that way you avoid going past those terrifying ceramic gingerbread men in the Lakeland window… (Is it just me or is that a Doctor Who episode waiting to happen?) And better still, it’s Small Business Saturday this weekend so you’ve really no excuse to avoid the corporate giants and get indie instead!

2013-12-04 13.51.56If you’re Lace Market way – The CQ pop up shop

Pop up shop sounds like such a flimsy term doesn’t it? For some reason I think of tents. But this is nothing of the sort. To be found in the old Dwell building, round the back of Waterstone’s, on Fletcher Gate, the pop up shop features some of the best Nottingham made stuff around at the moment and there’s a great range too. They’ve got everything from furniture to books to records to scarves to socks to photography services to cakes AND MORE. And there’s a cafe. And a room full of bean bags on which to sit and watch movies at the weekend. And, most importantly, they’ve got the Hoff!

If you’re seeking an arty break this weekend – Nottingham Contemporary’s Craft. Design. Contemporary

There will be crowds in shops. So if you’ve been dragged in to town and are hating every minute why not spend some time looking at the art, then nip downstairs for coffee and pick up some goodies at the same time? There’s some spankingly good designers setting out their wares – including several folk who’ve featured on these pages in the past – Debbie Bryan, Kate Broughton, Hannah Lobley…

2013-11-27 18.39.30If you’re sticking close to the square – The Handmade chalet

Fancy ice skating? Hot dog? Fudge? Or some homemade gifts? Not rubbish ones either, I mean these are classy homemade gifts. The handmade chalet – opposite The Works just off the Square – is set to go with lots of lovely things and the stallholders will appreciate spending the day in the cold much more if you buy things from them.

If you’re staying away from shops and sticking to the Internet…

No one will blame you but of course handmade things are so much harder to find! Or are they? Head over to The Curious Pancake for a splendid set of quirky, unusual, funny, always interesting gifts. But hurry! Last posting will be soon!

Right, has that done it? Have you crossed everything off your list? If not, don’t forget our independent shops – such as Five Leaves bookshop, Knit Nottingham and Debbie Bryan!

Following all that, you’ll need a rest and a bit of sustenance so head over to Lace Market Square for StrEAT – food, drink and a spot of art and craft. Phew!