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Guest blog: Help! Space needed for Space Inclusive!

space incThis week, we welcome David Bingham to CN Towers to talk about Space Inclusive, a local social enterprise who need a bit of space for their latest creative venture. Over to you David!

Formed in 2010, Space Inclusive is a Nottingham based social enterprise that works with young adults with a variety of learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s syndrome. We started as a response to the new-ish agenda (it’s being going for a few years now although you might not know it if you looked into the murky corners of the local authority too hard…) of personalisation that lets someone with support needs choose where they’d like to spend their cash.

We are pretty small, (we work with around 70 young adults) but that makes us flexible and effective, even if we do say so ourselves… and it also means that we are a very different alternative to some of the social care monoliths that have existed for a long time. We are able to offer personalised support packages that have one common aim – developing skills to enable people with learning disabilities to access the world around them better. This could be about social integration and friendships, new experiences to broaden experience and develop confidence or a helping hand into the adult world in the form of advice and practical support around working and living.

Oh yes, working. That’s kind of the reason that we are on this blog! As well as all the usual helping folk into work stuff (CV writing, interview techniques, work placement opportunities etc) we run a few work projects. These are small enterprises that function in the same way as any small business does – providing a good quality service that people pay for. Except that we run them. So in essence, the people that work on them have very understanding employers who are experienced in getting the best out of folk who at a first glance may not have too much of an upside. We know that if someone has ASD for example, they may well have a great eye for detail, be extremely methodical and conscientious and work well in a routine based environment. All skills that make someone very employable we think.

Anyway, we are expanding a little and we are on the look out for some premises to run our screen-printing enterprise and a workshop from. Ideally in the vicinity of Nottingham centre or thereabouts, we are looking for a building that is easy for folk to get to on public transport and has room for around 15 people (including our staff). If you think you might know of somewhere, we’d love to have a chat. You might even want to pop in and see some of the other stuff that we do and if you did, you are more than welcome! Email is, phone is 0115 8370693 and website is