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Surface Gallery – The International Postcard Show 2014


IMG_20140118_161649[1] IMG_20140118_161731[1] IMG_20140118_162823[1]The International Postcard Show is an annual event at Surface Gallery, which invites submissions for postcard designs from anyone interested in experimenting with the 4×6 format. Every year this includes established artists, as well as craftspeople, crafty people and those who might not call themselves artists but still enjoy a creative project. Pieces were sent from all over the world, with every submission displayed in the exhibition room.
There were around 150 contributors this year, with subjects ranging from the traditional (landscapes photographed or painted in watercolours, cartoons and punchy quotations), to the political (a triptych of handpainted postcards declaring ‘freedom for Catalonia’, to the more unusual, such as embroidered birds and mixed media collage. The prize for the most abstract goes to a loosely knotted loop of coloured string, which looked as though it may have been cut to the combined length of the four sides of a postcard, thereby keeping to the guidelines in a completely unexpected way.
Surface Gallery is in Sneinton, close to the Capital FM Arena. The postcard exhibition is free, and closes on February 8th. Anyone interested in owning a piece of original artwork can also buy the postcards – a bargain at £15 each. And why not enter something yourself next year?!