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Links Round-Up: Lights, Gamelan, Actions

woman looking at set of internal post boxes
woman looking at set of internal post boxes

Checking my Mailbox by Woodleywonderworks
(our inbox is not this tidy)

It is a mixed pleasure, processing the email inbox here at Creative Towers, but this week several caught my eye for interest and opportunity.

  • Next Wednesday, 5 February at 6.15, Broadway is hosting another Near Now event, this one on the “Internet of Growing Things”. They say

Visual artist Joey Holder and speculative designer Lisa Ma kick off our 2014 monthly talks series. In this talk, Joey & Lisa will each share their practice and discuss their current research trajectories in developing work around food and future agri-cultures during the Internet of Growing Things residency.

Tickets are £5 and details are on their website.

  • Hartley Gallery‘s latest exhibition is Wanderlust, an exhibition of contemporary tapestries by weaver Jilly Edwards. The exhibition is on until 23 March, and includes “new tapestries that are drenched in a vivid yellow colour palette”.
  • You can create carnival costumes and reminisce about the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival on successive Saturdays 1st and 8th February. “The workshops are part of the Nottingham Carnival Heritage Project, led by Tuntum Housing. This project wants to gather memories, photos, even old bits of costume from Nottingham Carnival, which has been brightening our streets since 1950.” The workshops are being hosted by City Arts, working in partnership with Zodiac All Stars Carnival Troupe, and will be held at City Arts premises on Newdigate Street. Reserve a place by calling 0115 9782463 or email
  • Near Now are embarking on a project with Nottinghamshire County Council to “explore how Nottinghamshire Libraries might creatively use technology to engage audiences in artistic activity by embedding a research team at Mansfield Central to design, prototype and pilot new digital services for library users.” They want an artist/designer and creative technologist and say:

As the artist / designer you will have experience of leading design processes; working through a number of sketches and models towards a resolved outcome. As the creative technologist you will be a skilled coder with experience of prototyping, designing, testing and building user centred products services and systems. You should see the public as important co-authors in your work and have an awareness of current and future trends in the design and digital sector. We welcome applications from groups, companies or collectives who can demonstrate that they can deliver both of the above roles.

The deadline for applications is noon on 24 February with more details on their website, including the briefs for the Artist/Designer and Creative Technologist.

  • Some good news via the blog of our one time guest, James Walker, whose blog reveals the good news about a new home for Nottingham Writers’ Studio courtesy of Rob Howie-Smith in the long empty site which was formerly an independent baby/childrens’ clothing and equipment shop.  It is on the corner of Hockley and Lower Parliament Street, and is all glass – no more writer’s hiding their light under a bushel basket.
  • And if your kind of writing is Sci-Fi and Fantasy, you might want to attend the East Midlands convention, EM-CON, 16 March, at the Albert Hall.
set of gamelan instruments

Asian_Civilisations_Museum_15 by Travis

  • Finally, the link to the blog title. 28 February will be the next Light Night in Nottingham, and the City website has full details – the poster is two pages of small print there are so many things planned. One that caught my eye was the chance to participate in a Gamelan workshop, in St Nic’s Church on Maid Marian Way before the concert that evening. I have done this elsewhere and even someone as rhythmically challenged as I had a great time. Recommended!