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Welcome to the new website on the block!

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screenshot of CQ website home pageLast night, at Nottingham Contemporary, the Creative Quarter company launched their website,, to an invited audience of those involved in the project, the Quarter, and Nottingham.  I enjoyed my wine, talking to a few of our past guest bloggers, and listening to Swing Guitane’s live music.

When the formal part of the evening started, Alex Farquharson, Director of Nottingham Contemporary, introduced Cllr Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder on the City Council for Jobs, Skills and Business.  He went straight off message by admitting that he normally forgets to mention all the things on the pre-speaking list he is given by Kathy McArdle, the Chief Operations Officer.  He spoke briefly about his passion for the Creative Quarter and his vision that it will become somewhere people will be proud to be part of, and a great place to do business in the UK.  “2014 will be the year the Creative Quarter really takes flight”.

Mary Kearns & Russ Noon, Spool Films, treated us to the first showing of the short film now on the home page of the CQ site, and incidentally revealed where Cllr McDonald acquired his metaphor.

musical due Swing Gitane

Swing Gitane

Kathy McArdle took us through some slides of CQ achievements and plans.  Hitherto some of this has only been known to a few – 13 N-Tech grants to CQ business, 13 loans, 3 businesses benefitting from New Business Rates Relief, 12 business in the Vacant Shops Grant Scheme, 43 apprenticeships – but it should now be more public on the website.  And, importantly, the website is the place to go for information on how to get these grants, these loans.  But see for yourself at