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Creative Nottingham: Now on your mobiles and tablets

The header as it appears on mobile devices

Ever tried visiting Creative Nottingham on your smartphone and been frustrated that you’ve had to zoom in and out to find your way around? Well, those days are over. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the mobile and tablet optimised version of Creative Nottingham.

We opted for a responsive approach, which means accessing the mobile/tablet versions are as simple as visiting the site on your mobile or tablet. No app to download, no mobile-specific addresses, no redirects to break and dump you back on the homepage. In fact, you don’t even need a smartphone or tablet to see it in action – try resizing your browser window to see how the site adapts.

Some extra info for the more geekily-inclined among you: the new theme uses the Skeleton framework, which was already in place from the whole site redesign that we launched late last year (thanks again to Patrick from Strafe Creative for the initial design and markup), which simplified the process. Since then we’ve also recoded the front-end in semantic HTML5 and microdata, which make the site both machine-readable and more accessible, aside from just being good practice.  The timing of the redesign also coincides with the release of WordPress 3.8, which is also responsive, meaning that our Guest Contributors can create, edit, and preview their posts on-the-move.

We’ve tested the site on various browsers and devices, but if you notice any bugs – or have any suggestions – please let us know!