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Links round up: Fools and an arty Ramones tribute

It’s International Women’s Day on Saturday and, while you could do admirable and worthy things like campaign against FGM or raise money for Women’s Aid, why not also support a female fool? Not the one writing this post but an actual fool from The Nomadic Academy of Fools. Here, let them explain: ‘Fooling is a unique technique that introduces you to the architecture of your own personal inner stage, upon which you are able to perform on or in any space, and at any time, using just improvisation and your own imagination. This work stretches past ego, allowing you to feel at ease in any situation and comfortable talking intimately with anyone in the audience, be them a beggar, king or queen.’ Richard-11Essentially, terrifying but very useful. Anyway, acclaimed fool Joanne Tremarco will be bringing her show ‘Women Who Wank’ to The Corner in Nottingham. According to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Review ‘Her improvisational skills are captivating’  but I imagine the title should probably be taken figuratively, not literally, for improvisational purposes.

Anyway, Joanne appears on Friday-Sunday 14-16 March at The Corner and tickets are available on the door. Joanne will also be running a day workshop on the art of fooling so for more details about both go to the Facebook page

If you’re in the mood to hob nob with Nottingham’s great and good of the business sector but remain clear headed throughout, the Sobar are holding a Business Network Social on Thursday 27 March. There will be mocktails and canapes and hobnobbing. You need to book in advance so give the Sobar a ring on 0115 824 0364 to make sure of your place. And for heaven’s sake, make sure you try a chocolate brownie, they’re delicious.

And in a week of well named creative endeavours we end by reminding you that the third of the NTU Festival exhibitions is on next week. Cretin Hop is the exploration of the dichotomy between mass markets and handcrafted artisan work. Yeah? Essentially the festival is a collaboration between NTU Fine Art Students and Surface Gallery to provide the students with professional experience as artists and to let you have a shufti at the what they’ve been doing. If you haven’t made it for the other two exhibitions, Cretin Hop (hands up who’s got the song running round their head now) runs at Surface Gallery from 11-15 March.