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Michelle Keegan Printmaker In Transit

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Today we welcome Michelle Keegan to the Creative Nottingham team. Michelle will be blogging once in a while for us so we thought we’d ask her a few questions about who she is and how she got here…

I came to Nottingham to teach Fine Art at South Notts College back in 1991 [now called Central College] so hi to everyone I have ever had the pleasure and privilege of teaching. I’m not from Nottingham; I was brought up firstly in Devon and then my family moved across the country to the most southerly tip of England, Romney Marsh. I studied Fine Art at what was then called Maidstone College of Art and postgraduate at the Slade School of Fine Art, under the amazing guidance of Stanley Jones. I specialised in Printmaking


from the age of 18 and I’m still learning about its magic many years later.

I was a student for as long as I possibly could! I’d just got back from Canada where I was considering emigrating and my Dad said there’s a job advertised in Nottingham to teach. I drove up and found my

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way to the square I remember the lions making me smile and thinking I could live here. I thought I’d only stay for five years …and all these years later it’s my home or one of them.


Romney Marsh is also known as The Fifth Continent. Thomas Ingoldsby, the pen name of 19th century author Richard Harris Barham wrote in The Ingoldsby Legends:
The World, according to the best geographers, is divided into Europe, Asia, Africa, America,

From the series In Transit

and Romney Marsh. The flat expanses of the Marsh formed the baseplate of my enduring passion for the desolate and minimal. My working strategy is a spontaneous and playful one, allowing images to change and grow in their making, as they become multi layered with new surfaces and ideas.

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The result is intricate and complex prints that explore a labyrinth of conversations with landscape stretching beyond mere scratches on the surface but a manipulation of place, space and time. A re-mapping and re-presenting of landscape.

From the series In Transit


Locations enable a physical response to landscape and engage in a dialogue of questions concerned with belonging, identity, rootedness, liminality, and home. The space between us. The said and unsaid.

My work combines private explorations with public discourses that aim to share something of how I view and experience the world around.

Thank you Michelle! We look froward to hearing more from you.