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My name is Ian Jones, I am an Artist and Illustrator from Nottingham. I create Surreal and Mystical images with a Street Art, Grungey edge using a variety of traditional and Digital techniques.

The good people at Creative Nottingham have kindly offered me the chance to write a series of blogs about my work as an Artist.

The process of Digital Art is not widely understood, so hopefully I can shed a little light on that over the course of these blogs. Should you wish to ask me any questions about my work, do feel free to get in touch at

My first blog will be a brief overview of my work, to give you an idea of some of the processes used, as well as a little bit of background about myself.


Eden's Spectrum 2012

Eden’s Spectrum 2012

I studied Graphic Design at Lace Market school of Art and Design NCN graduating in 2007 with a BA (hons) My Graphic Design education forged a love of strong colours married with a deep textured feel that I like to pour into my work. I work mainly Digitally these days through software such as Photoshop using a Wacom pressure sensitive tablet and pen as opposed to a mouse.This allows me to draw directly in Photoshop and have similar control to drawing on paper, with all of the added benefits and power of the digital software. The work is built up through a layering process and comprises of a mixture of photographic collage and Digital painting.

I also use a program called Zbrush. It is a digital 3D sculpting program that simulates clay. It’s the primary program of choice for creating CGI creatures  in Hollywood films. It is one of my favourite programs to use and many of the images that I create have utilised Zbrush at some stage of the process.

If you are interested to see more of this program, you can watch this short video.

Inspiration comes from many different sources. I am a strong believer that inspiration can come from anywhere and am always snapping photographs of interesting things that may be useful in my work.

Texture is very important in my work and is all taken from these photographs.

Tree bark, pavements, weathered walls, floorboards, fishbones are all examples of photographs in my library that are used for texture.

That is one of the aspects of Digital Art that I like the most. You can utilise and exploit the potential of everyday stuff and reinvent it in your work.

Inspiration also comes through Mythology, Music, Cinema, Graffiti, PopArt, Video Game Art, Tribal Art, Ancient Cultures, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Comics.

After the Rain 2011

After the Rain 2011

Some of my work is produced specifically for Gallery exhibition and I have exhibited at George Thornton Art and New Art exchange here in Nottingham as well as various independent shops that stock my work.

I also work as an Illustrator and have recently completed work for the Comics industry which will be released later this year. You may also have seen my work crop up in magazines such as Advanced Photoshop  or Illustrate with Photoshop.

A lot of my work is done through a commission basis. Clients contact me with an idea for a piece of work, and I do my best to realise their vision as Artwork. Sometimes the intention is that the commissioned work be hung in the clients home, or others it is a more commercial reason such as a cover image for a Bands album.

I am currently working on a Graphic Novel which is set in Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. It’s a spooky tale inspired by Myth and Folklore.

I shall be blogging a lot more more about this project and detailing some of the interesting Digital Art processes that I use along the the way in future posts.

You can view more of my work at

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