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The art of keeping up with yesterday…..

According to Don Marquis “procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”. I seem to have had difficulty keeping up with the whole week, ideas for blogs which remained firmly in my head include;

  • incorporating the “May the 4th be with you” pun (probably just as well) about the Open Studios Notts Exhibition Preview
  • the history of the Pecha Kucha before the second one happened in Nottingham (did live tweet it and there’ll be another next month!)
  • enlightening you about the intended venue for said Pecha Kucha Cobden Chambers (Kirsty Fox has already done that on her Bees Make Honey Creative Community blog and since it was thwarted by the downpour and relocated to The Bodega it would have proved less topical anyway)
  • giving my predictions for the winner of Eurovision (I was wrong anyway) cleverly combined with local content.

In order not to miss next week’s events and opportunities in the same way I declare this blog a smattering of things going on next week “links roundup” and watch this space for a “proper” post from me soon (but don’t hold your breath!)

Showcase of Open Studios Notts artists and makers at Rufford Gallery

Showcase of Open Studios Notts artists and makers at Rufford Gallery


Open Studios Notts

Though you may have missed the tasty biscuits at preview from Frabjous Events the exhibition continues to 8 June at Rufford Gallery and the events across the county throughout May and June.


Support for creative business folks!

Want to get selected not rejected? Wednesday 14 May Creative Greenhouse offers a session to show you how “Why Didn’t they pick me?”

For digital creative types on the same day (in the evening) Second Wednesday is back!

Need to know about IP, Copyright, Trademarking? Thursday 15 May is the launch of Nottingham Trent University’s Creative Intellectual Property Project

‘Business in the making’ Friday 16 May free panel debate and networking event for designer makers from Broadway’s creative business support programme Projector.