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Links Round-Up: Opportunities and a Picnic

family group in a picnic
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Buzzword Bingo: Opportunity by Ron Mader

There are lots of opportunities this week to exhibit your work, get paid, learn and develop, and to go on a picnic!

Live Music Now and City Arts will be delivering a pilot programme called “Tones and Shades” in a care home in Nottinghamshire,  between June and December 2014. This is paid work.  They say:

We are looking for artists to provide a one off arts session in a care home in Nottinghamshire.  You should be interested in exploring artforms that are not currently used in care homes, delivering a unique and inspiring arts activity that may influence future projects and new ways of thinking about or experiencing positive emotional health and well-being.  Each artist will produce a worksheet based on their session/artform to enable Activity Co-ordinator to lead further work within the home.  This session will have the potential to lead to a 10 week residency between September and December 2014.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 28 May, 5 pm.  The full job specification is on their website.

This June (from 5th to 19th), Hopkinson’s Gallery will be opening up their top floor gallery as a public space for people to display their creations, collections and curiosities from all over the UK – The Uncurated Show.  They say:

Ever wondered what creative projects there are in our midst, being forged by friends, colleagues, or neighbours? Perhaps you have a skill or hobby never shared. And why has that thing you were secretly proud of making gathered dust on the shelf for no one to see?  Anonymously or by name submit your artwork, photography, writings, or objet’s d’art to us for the world to see. From novice to expert, we are looking for diverse, imaginative and fun pieces, so please don’t be shy!

For submissions, please send them an e-mail with the subject ‘The Uncurated Show’ to hopkinson21 AT including a photograph / image and a short paragraph describing the work by Friday 30th May. And note that for successfully exhibited pieces there will be a £5 submission fee.

The Near Now team at Broadway, together with the design agency Snook, are offering a Know How programme “to take your arts, culture and heritage organisation on a journey placing digital and design thinking at the heart of what you do”.  If you want to find out more, there is launch event at Broadway on Monday, 2 June from 1.00 to 3.30.  Free registration and more information on their website.

We all know, and are either proud or embarrassed by the fact that the original Luddites came from Nottinghamshire.   Periodically people ask: Where Are The Luddites today?  Near Now have arranged a panel discussion subtitled “An Open Call for Bioluddites?” at 6.15 on Wednesday, 4 June.  Details and a link to buy the £5 tickets is on their website.

The Playhouse is  exploring the political and social consequences of the centenary of the start of WWI throughout 2014.  As part of their autumn Time & Memory season,  they will be complementing their three main stage plays with a programme of work by emerging artists and are encouraging new and established writers, performance artists, visual artists and performance poets to submit work on the subject of Time and Memory.  Submissions and enquiries should be emailed to timeandmemory AT, the deadline is Sunday 27th June. All submissions will be acknowledged.  More details on their website.

Although it is a 100 years since the start of WWI, it is just one year since the start of the Creative Quarter initiative, at least by their reckoning.  What a great excuse for a picnic!   Their website has more details, and an impressive list of accomplishments to date, but the key sentences are:

Friday 23rd May, 1pm to 3pm, St Mary’s Church and Grounds in the Lace Market

We’ll provide the tea, coffee and orange squash. There’ll also be seats, music and maybe even cake !

You’ll need to bring picnic blankets, any other accoutrements you fancy, your own packed lunch

Even better, you are all invited, whether you work in the Creative Quarter or not!

family group in a picnic

Not the Creative Quarter Picnic (unless you all dress up) – the Stillstad family picnic, 1894 from the Seattle Municipal Archives