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We are taking a holiday


cocktails-recipesThe summer months are upon us and, here at Creative Towers, we’ve been pondering the wisdom of a holiday.

Four and a half years ago, when we started, we were a keen zesty bunch with time to devote to celebrating and championing Nottingham’s creative talents. As one of our founders, Susi O’Neill, said in the anniversary post last October: “[in 2009] Nottingham’s social media business communities were less connected than today, with few ‘known’ bloggers and Twitter just starting to be adapted for businesses.” But look at us now!

Nottingham is buzzing! In all quarters of the city. We feel we have played our part in getting here if you don’t mind us boasting for a bit, in that time we have connected, celebrated and informed the creative community in Nottingham with 850 blog posts, built our Twitter account to 9,800+ followers, helped you creative folk link up and find new opportunities, as well as publishing some of the city’s best and brightest voices  – over 60 guest bloggers. Not bad going for a team working on their own time and with no real resources except the goodwill and help from friends such as Green Hosting and Strafe.

But now we cast our eyes across the office and realise we’re a bit pale, our families have forgotten who we are and we’re incapable of attending any event (World Cup parties, wedding, funerals and so on) without thinking “Can I get a blog post out of this?”

So we’re taking a break – this will be our last blog post for a while. You can still write to us ( but you might have to wait a few days for a response. Some of us live on Planet Twitter (I’m looking at you Johnwithbeard) so, while we seem subdued, we aren’t completely gone. If you want to use this time to draft a guest blog post or two, do it! We would live to hear from you and are keen to publish when we return in the autumn. Let’s give the last word to Susi:

Viva the creatives!