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Legends and Landmarks‏ – The Art Of Ian Jones


I recently came across a phenomenal artist at the new Trinity Square market. Some of you may be familiar with him, but it was the first time I had come across his work. Ian Jones’ graffiti, or street art style work, is incredibly vibrant, vigorous and injected with such luminous colour, the work is reminiscent of stained glass. Ian’s artistic influences include mythology, shamanism, graffiti and tribal art.


He is currently working on a series of images which highlight the rich cultural and historical heritage of Nottingham, entitled Legends And Landmarks. This body of work includes portraits of some of the famous figures that have hailed from Nottingham over the years, and paintings of historical buildings and locations around the city. Ian has already completed artworks featuring The Olde Trip To Jerusalem, The Caves, Carl Froch, Stuart Pearce, Robin Hood, Left Lion (which is a favourite of mine) and first world war hero Albert Ball.

RobinHoodweb            oldetripweb

Ian says, about Legends And Landmarks;

“The bold colour work, is in order to portray the energy and diversity of Nottingham as a city. I remember when I was very small, I was absolutely fascinated by locations such as the caves and my imagination would run wild whenever I visited them. My take on the caves tries to capture that mystical, magical feel that I remember so dearly from my childhood. We are blessed to live in a city which has so much history, so much heritage, and I wanted to create a set of images as a tribute to this wonderful feature of my hometown.”

Ian’s work is created through a combination of traditional and digital techniques. The pieces start life as line drawings which are then digitally coloured and textured using captured paint marks and photographed texture to give a traditional painterly feel. Using a pressure sensitive graphics tablet allows him to paint very accurately, directly into a computer, and using a selection of custom brushes in Photoshop, he replicates traditional media really well.

carlfrochweb           stuartpearceweb

Ian’s fusion of photography, pixels and hand made textures, meld together in his images which still retain a strong traditional feel. With the bold colours and interesting textures, his subjects morph off the canvas creating deep, interesting layered visuals.

There are about another half a dozen pieces in progress at the moment and Ian is aiming for twelve pieces altogether, to make up this series, which will consist of six legends and six landmarks, although he says as there are so many local people and places he would like to feature, the series may end up bigger than this. Some of the works are already available as prints and on other products such as coasters, place mats and cushions and Ian hopes to have his images on mugs in the very near future. (Put me down for a Left Lion.)

You can get your hands on some of the products on Ian’s website and Dukki Design which features a range of other Nottingham inspired gifts. You will also be able to catch Ian at various markets around Nottingham up to Christmas, including Trinity Trends,  Not The Camden Market at Barton’s Chilwell, the new regular market in Trinity Square, and Waterstones Christmas market in December. You can keep up with Ian’s news and views on his Facebook page and his Twitter.