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CQ office and Syson Gallery on Beck StreetWe have blogged about the Creative Quarter initiative since before it started as any search of our site would reveal.  Less so recently, since they now have their own lovely website and @CQNottm twitter feed (and it is a good idea to sign up to their newsletter). But three recent publications have caught my eye in particular.

The slightly oddly named Creative Nottingham Toolkit is 44 pdf pages of information, pictures and stories, designed by local firm Defacto.  You can find:

  • a detailed map of the Quarter (thus answering one of the most common questions)
  • lots and lots of lovely numbers, both of the considerable achievements to date and the plans from now until 2013
  • case study after case study, individuals and organisations
  • plans including infrastructure (alas, nothing about bike racks/hubs/routes)
  • information about grants, subsidies, help and advice
  • and above all, the vision for Nottingham and its creative industry

There is a lot happening in the Creative Quarter, read and take advantage.

people and their business on a mapA large format Stories of Entrepreneurship is available in various places around the city, including the CQ office on Beck Street (I got mine at Antenna).  As well as several local success stories, there are notes about some historical figures in the area and a double page spread of people, businesses, and locations.  Created by Leftlion Extended.

Finally, I really enjoyed the Welcome to the Nottingham Creative Quarter film.  Hope you do too.

CQ welcome film image