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We wanna be 200 degrees!

200 degrees

200 degreesYou don’t seem to be able to turn around and say “I fancy a coffee,” in Nottingham these days without someone opening a new eat and drinkerie in the city centre, and so it’s taken us a while to get over to sample the delights of the 200 degrees coffee shop. You may have seen it – in the old Flying Horse Inn opposite the Council House – and you’re bound to have tasted 200 degrees coffee before, they already supply many shops and restaurants in the city.

It was a busy Friday lunchtime when I popped in, ordered my Americano (it’s probably just me but I would like one day to be able to ask for an Americano without being asked if I wanted milk with it. An Americano is a black coffee. OK, sorry. Pathetic quibble over, back to the review.) and sat down. The interior is all dark wood panelling and coloured lights in a row to suit the age of the building, and so, with the addition of the Christmas tree, looked to my mind to be suitably Dickensian-looking. The clientele were a wide range of folk – modern day Esther Summersons and Tim Linkinwaters – from the laptop brigade encamped at the back to the folk seeking a quick respite from Christmas shopping.

Most of the interior is down some steps (for the pushchair brigade there are some tables as you enter) and so you get an eye-view of passers by from slightly below normal, a perspective I rather liked. The service is friendly and your coffee is brought to your table rather than have you hang around waiting for it, which I also rather liked.

The coffee itself was good – strong but without the bitterness that sometimes accompanies a strong cup. And in the interests of review I tried a cake (It’s a hard life but we’re nothing if not dedicated here at CN.) The aim is to have as much of the food as possible cooked on the premises but it’s not possible at the moment, said the barista. I tried a brownie, one of the homemade offering. Excellent. Just gooey enough but not too squidgy.

I had to get back to work but was sorely tempted to throw off the rest of the day and have more coffee – this is in no way reflective of my work and instead shines a light on how much I liked the ambience of 200 degrees coffee shop. I’ll be back. In the meantime, get yourselves down there and celebrate this slice of Nottingham goodness.

200 Degrees coffee shop, Flying Horse Arcade is open from 7am on weekdays, from 8am on Saturdays and from 10am on Sundays.