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Remarkable recycling gala

Today we share one man’s vision – to reduce the amount of waste we throw away. But how does his fit with Creative Nottingham’s art-craft/ designer maker ethos? you ask. Ah, well I’ll let Greg from the Remarkable Recycling Gala explain. take it away Greg! 

It’s 2015 and I’m excited – it’s only four months until the Remarkable Recycling Gala returns for its second year!

The Remarkable Recycling Gala is a one-day annual event in Sherwood, which aims to use art to highlight positive recycling/upcycling messages.

For the last five years, I’ve been frustrated about waste – the hundreds of tonnes of rubbish that is dumped into landfill. So I started a mission to investigate what can be done about it. I learnt that you don’t have to buy items in shops, you can make them yourselves. I’m not much of a crafter but I am an events organiser, so over the years I’ve organised events and been part of projects that work towards this aim of recycling & reusing.

I learnt about scrapstores, who have huge warehouses full of scrap & junk materials, but who encourage people to use these materials for art projects. I learnt about fixing and repair, of which I became so inspired by the movement that I started a temporary project called Nottingham Fixers, where volunteer ‘fixers’ would have a stall at Sneinton Market and fix people’s items for them, whilst showing them how to do it. I learnt about an organisation called Co-Oproduct who teach students to turn standard items into pieces of art and called this upcycling.

I knew I had to find a platform in Nottingham to promote recycling & upcycling, now that Nottingham Fixers had finished. Living in Sherwood has given me that platform through Sherwood Art Week, an annual week-long showcase of art & craft.

I thought about what could happen at a recycling event, to not be too preachy and boring. I knew that craft fairs were very popular and that Sherwood Art Week’s craft fair had huge turnouts, so the Recycling Gala’s craft fair is for crafters selling goods using recycled materials. To help inspire people further, we run workshops which show people how to turn everyday objects into completely new ones. And to add a festival feeling, we have live music, theatre, and poetry – all forms of art.

We launched the first ever Remarkable Recycling Gala in 2014, and now we’ve turned it into an annual festival!  The 2015 festival applications have just opened and Nottinghamshire artists, crafters and performances are be invited to apply. The deadline for this is not long away – the 9th March.

I’m counting down the days, and I hope you’ll join me in what will be an excellent summer festival.

The Remarkable Recycling Gala is on Sunday 28th June, 11am-4pm at Sherwood Community Centre and you can take part! Applications are now open – find out more at the Sherwood Art Week website