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Council to Link Castle to Contemporary via Caves

Nottingham and the new tunnel


Creative Nottingham can today reveal the plan of Nottingham City Council to link Nottingham Castle with the Contemporary Museum via existing and new passages in the caves and sandstone under the city.  [See the approximate route in the image above.]  “Building on the fantastic success of the Contemporary, and the historic Castle, Nottingham residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the finest historical and modern art, and a cave tour, all in one package” said Hugh Fellforit, portfolio holder for major projects at the Council.

Hugh went on to say “we will promote a Mole ticket, the below ground equivalent of the Kangaroo ticket on public transport, giving our residents and visitors value for money and the chance to enjoy these two attractions without getting wet”.

stairs down into caves

Heading to the Contemporary from the Castle

The combining of local organisations has become a feature of Nottingham life, with proposals for the city, county, and borough councils to work together, and the recently announced merger of Experience Nottingham, Invest in Nottingham and Nottingham Means Business. Combining the two museums is just the next step.  The Castle end of the cave access work was included in the brief to the recently announced architects for the £24m transformation.

A spokesperson for the Tourist Information Office said, in an unguarded moment “it was sweet of Leicester to enjoy a brief moment in the sunshine with the remains of a king from a mere 450 years ago, but visitors to Nottingham can retrace the steps of King Edward III from 685 years ago, entering the Castle via a secret tunnel, and imagine they too are on the trail of Roger Mortimer and Queen Isabella.  Much better than a coffin.”

Work will begin on the tunnels to link the caves as soon as the tram is finished.


Photo credits, all from Flickr creative commons: shining.darkness, rozsagab, Iqbal Aalam, Donghee Bae, Lee Haywood