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Open Four Years!

logo for Open Studio NottsI first mentioned Open Studios Notts in a blog post back in 2012, their very first year! They’ve had an annual mention ever since (see 2013 and 2014) so not wanting to break with tradition here we go again for year four! (Actually John already gave them a plug in Open and Enter last week)

Throughout May and June over 200 artists and makers across the county invite visitors to see them in action, look at and talk about their work and give them an opportunity to buy direct from the creator.

Rufford Gallery exhibition of Open Studios Notts Participants

Rufford Gallery exhibition of Open Studios Notts Participants works

Rufford Craft Centre Gallery hosts a central exhibition until 7 June showcasing art and craft from all areas, shining a light on the creative process and pointing to where and when events are taking place. The Open Studios Notts brochure, which lists all the artists and makers and when and where they’re open, is available free from the gallery and in most libraries or you can download a PDF copy from the Open Studios Notts website or follow this link.

Open Studios happen across the UK and internationally, you can find listings for many of them on the Open Studios Communications website along with a potted history of what open studios are all about.

Next weekend has probably the biggest showing of artists and makers in spots all over Nottinghamshire. The nearest to me, pretty much on my doorstep (or a brisk walk away at least!) have got together to form the ABC Art Trail in Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell, so that’s where I’ll be strolling!