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I need another fortnight

Cheers Fortnight!

Two weeks just isn’t enough!

Day one's doormat delivery

Day one’s doormat delivery

The usual utterance after a holiday perhaps? I haven’t been away but I want to add my perspective to the perplexities of being part of the fortnight project about which Sue has already eloquently blogged.

For me it began on Monday 8 June with a letter, waiting on the doormat when I descended the stairs, telling me it was delivered at midnight. Luckily the dog did not react to this midnight missive’s arrival and fortunately he doesn’t have a particular penchant for eating unusual post. Therefore my badge ” … key to an alternate world beneath the surface of Nottingham” and the beautifully handwritten text inviting me to “… the beginning of two weeks spent looking at things differently, wondering where here is.” was all intact.

A 9am text heralded the first of what proved to be a delightful dialogue with the invisible hand of the fortnight folks which I began to anticipate in an almost Pavlovian manner.

Viewnmaster & soundtrack enjoye in a chair in a charity shop!

Viewnmaster & soundtrack enjoyed in a chair in a charity shop!

The texts (and emails) offered;

  • an invitation to go somewhere, the anticipation of which was enchanting and exciting in equal measure and contemplating a change in the usual routine to accommodate some of them was refreshing in itself!
  • tasks that were sometimes perplexing but always playful!
  • a question to ponder on or a link to content to consider
  • a provocation which elicited a response that had the feel of keeping a diary, except it provoked an individual reply other than one’s own inner voice!
Lap Ducks?

Lap Ducks?

I was a little miffed that I wasn’t in the right place at the right time to fish out a duck from the water beneath Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror. A lot of fortnighters did so and embraced the idea of “Dukumentation” photographing their charges in all sorts of places (I wonder if the fortnight team knew that Notts TV had utilised their very successful blue duck for their first Birthday celebration in May? See #blueduck and our blog)

2015-06-14 21.54.50I took a leap of faith and headed out to Wollaton Hall for a Sunday evening gathering. Surreptitiously a group of fortnighters began to amass and we sat and chatted whilst a woman played violin. No sinking sunset on a grey June evening (two fleeces, gloves and a hat required!!) but the marvel of a magnificent stag which wandered into view made it quite special despite the chill. I took my summer squash toasting cup home and poured a glass of red to reflect on this encounter, not just with antlers but with a big group of strangers! Everyone had been avidly sharing their tasks and opinions and reasons for getting involved. Someone had said “If they do it again I think they’d get more people, word of mouth, we’d say do it, we’ve discovered places we didn’t know existed”. For me it was all over a little to fast, I was just getting warmed up and it was week two! I wasn’t able to do all the tasks but I have relished the chance to reflect, to be prompted to think differently each day, to capture a moment.

Deer in the lights

Deer in the lights

Now the time has passed and my final text has been received … with an invitation to a password protected area of the fortnight site which shows me how to make my own rose-tinted glasses!

I don’t believe I need to make a pair of those to see things differently.