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Pico.. the perfect Deli ?

Jess from TartisanWhen we moved from London to Nottingham there were two things we really missed. First, since London has such a diverse community it caters for the food requirements from across the Globe and there are an abundance of good quality and affordable Deli’s. Secondly we missed the long opening hours of most food outlets. Nottingham, like many cities, still doesn’t have many places open all day, where you can finish work early and have a quick snack before heading out.

Well, there is a new food outlet opening next week which is about to change this. Pico has teamed up with the Tartisan Bakery and will opening the perfect Deli in Hockley.

Here you be able to pop and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, or pick up sandwiches and snacks to take away, or enjoy the artisan products on sale in the deli section.

CakesI met the charming Jess Morteln from Tartisan Bakery who explained that she was so disappointed with the quality of supermarket bread, that she opened her own bakery. She used the best quality ingredients,the best sour dough, no additives, and produced some of the best bread in Nottingham. Her bread, homemade butters and tartes have been selling in shops, and the internet, and word spread. When Anmarie Spaziano, owner of Annie’s Burger Shack, was looking for local bakers for the Pico deli, Jess and Tartisan Bakery was the natural choice.

Jess will be baking different varieties on the premises, including beer bread and potato focaccia – plus a range of tarts.

By the way, I sampled some of the fresh baked bread and butters, and I can certainly vouch how nice they are.

If you want to try out the place, pop along to the launch party at Annie’s Burger Shack and Freehouse this Sunday from 6pm

Pico and Tartisan Bakery are based at 17-19 Carlton Street, Hockley, Nottingham. They will be open from 6am to 10pm from next week