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Mission accomplished

the word Goodbye using Scrabble tiles
the word Goodbye using Scrabble tiles

goodbye by woodleywonderworks

Six years ago a small band of Nottingham creatives started an online community. A place that recognised Nottingham’s growing creative industries were important; a place that celebrated, connected and championed that creative scene. Creative Nottingham was born. Over the past six years we’ve seen people come and go, we’ve reviewed, blogged, welcomed, networked, partied and shouted about all kinds of Nottingham-based brilliance. But all good things must come to an end.

The Nottingham of today is very different to the one six years ago. The city is locally, regionally, nationally and internationally renowned for the quality of our creative industries. Nottingham is feted for our success in creating a great place for start up businesses. And we have organisations now who have more resources and capacity than a small band of volunteers to do the job that was so badly needed back then.

The Creative Nottingham team as we are now are stepping down. This site will no longer be updated, but will stay as an archive for a few years yet. As well our Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest presence. We’ve done what we came to do and now we’re moving on.

We have some people to thank.

The original team of Susi O’Neill, Charlotte Thomson, Phil Williams and Camilla Zajac for your vision and insight in setting us up.

The current and final team of Sue Barsby, Dan Foy, Diana Pasek-Atkinson, Jagdish Patel and John Withbeard.

Everyone who has been on the team in between – Chris Allwood, Peter Clarke, Lucie Delacy, Gillian DeCosta, Louise Edwards, Helen Laird, Bea Roberts, Gill Williamson.

Patrick Dolan at Strafe for his website assistance and designs.

The team at Green Hosting for their web hosting.

Everyone who has given us a bit of a hand along the way – too many to name.

All our guest bloggers who gave us such rich and diverse content.

All our readers, Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

It’s been a lovely six years and we’re very proud of our small part in helping to develop this city’s fabulous potential. Here’s to the next six years and beyond – and thank you for everything.

The Creative Nottingham team.

faces of the five current members of the Creative Nottingham team