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Links round-up: Eclectic offerings

January blues? Take a look at some of the lovely stuff we’ve heard about recently. Beyond breakdance To say dance is big right now is an understatement. Dance is so huge at the moment that I’m surprised I don’t see groups of shoppers transforming into guerrilla dance troupes down Clumber Street, or musical medleys performed by people waiting in… Read More

Last chance to see…

It’s behind you! Well, almost. Now Christmas has gone, it seems that festive fun and frolics are a thing of the past. But wait…there is a little bit more time left to see Mother Goose at Nottingham Playhouse.  The panto has just received four stars and what is traditionally known as a ‘rave review’ by the Guardian.  Oh yes… Read More

Surreal journeys

Need an interlude in your busy week? Try these: 1) A recent achievement from the University of Nottingham involving human hair and the teeniest, tiniest version of the periodic table ever… 2) A hallucinatory wander around the caves underneath Nottingham Castle by Nottingham Caves Survey – with the music adding to the surreal ambience…

New Year’s Revolution

So the date sounds like something out of a novel by H.G. Wells and your resolutions are already as stale as the leftover nibbles from New Year’s Eve.  It  might all seem a little grey and quiet out there right now, but stay in touch with Creative Nottingham and we’ll try to make this the best 2011 you ever have..! There are… Read More

Links round up: Billy Bragg, Simon Cowell and Dr Caligari*

“Precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals” has done something unusual to the world. Whether you think it looks pretty or it’s been a bit of a pain in the snowballs, the snow has certainly given us a different viewpoint. Despite the weather, things have probably warmed up a little for students protesting at Nottingham Uni today, now… Read More

Warming your cockles

Snow joke. It’s cold out there. But there are some very good reasons to shake off your slippers and escape hibernation mode. Tonight, the city warms its cockles with a visit from one of its most well known exports, Sir Paul Smith, to one of its newest institutions, the Nottingham Contemporary. Then this Thursday, members of the Nottingham Writers’ Studio will gather at… Read More

Links round-up: ten things to do this weekend

1) See a new site for ‘creative ecology’ in the city. 2) Take a tour of some of the things that put the ‘creative’ into Nottingham. 3) Quaff ale at Nottingham Castle (responsibly of course). 4) Enjoy tandoor cooking and bhangra outside. 5) Talk books, writing and publishing with the experts. 6) Draw or doodle something spectacular. 7)… Read More

Getting it together

We all know we’re living in interesting times right now. A great antidote to the more, um, challenging side of interesting is sharing knowledge and skills. Here are two upcoming opportunities to get together with people of a similar inclination and prepare for what’s around the corner. EM Media’s Talent Network: Digital Distribution and Marketing Strategies… Read More