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Phoenicopterus roseus & Croquet!

I hope that ostentatious Latin headline grabbed you? We’re always open to new experiences here at Creative Towers not always involving Latin genus names* (though my fondness for animal Biology as a teenager has to be expressed sometimes). We don’t often feature sports and games (there are exceptions, see Hellfire Harlots) so perhaps it was an… Read More

Sounding Out Sicily

Jimmy Power, a sound artist from Mansfield, tells CN about his time in a tiny Sicilian town … During April 2015 I spent a month in Ficarra, Sicily, as part of an Artist in Residence program with i-art Thirty artists from all over Europe and the Mediterranean working in a range of art forms, spread out… Read More

Guest Blog: Cavology…. hidden treasures

We invited Kirsty Fox to lead us up a blind alley… a good way of course, for a peek inside Cavology   Cavology is a new project set-up by The Hive, Nottingham Trent University’s business development centre. It’s a retail incubator which means that it is designed as a functioning shop and showcase of new… Read More

Crafty links round up

Surely the screams and bangs are over now?   Goodbye pumpkins and fireworks. Hello tinsel and mince pies…… though maybe not, since it seems they have all featured simultaneously in supermarkets since September! As a result I have had an attitudinal shift for 2014. I’m  not going to go all bah humbug and say “I… Read More