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Round-up part 1 – Anish and more, on tour

Kapoor works on Nottingham City tour The Arts Council Collection including works by previous Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor, opens at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery this Saturday – a privilege not to be missed! Kapoor has left his mark in Nottingham already – as creator of Nottingham’s amazing ‘Sky Mirror’ – on permanent… Read More

Return of the Burgerman and Links round-up

Exciting Street Art Exhibition at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery Saturday 2 July 2011 Organised by the V&A – this highly prestigious exhibition features an exhibition by one of our own highly talented exports.  Most Nottinghamians will recognise by now the name ‘Jon Burgerman’.  He has his spiritual home here in Nottingham and is… Read More

Something to make you smile

In a previous blog I questioned if doing creative stuff is what makes us happy or happiest. An interesting discussion ensued, and with some fascinating, philosophical comments about the meaning of life in reply…all good stuff!  If you missed the article, here is the link to it. Some of these responses would be best followed… Read More

Creating and doing makes us happier!

Do you agree with this statement – and is it possible that being more creative gives us more reasons to be happy? A toolkit to get everyone started on the path to ‘happiness’ has been launched this week, through a new group called ‘Action for Happiness’.  And it started me thinking, about what this really… Read More