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Guest blog: Sunday Service

It’s Sunday afternoon, the family is out, which means it can only be time for catching up with all the work you didn’t have time to do during the week because all that work got in the way. Having managed to stagger back up to Nottingham by midday on Thursday, just in time for a… Read More

Guest Blog: 07.48

Hello to you. I was planning to get something written yesterday, but I’m afraid the whole day ended up being a chain of train journeys dashing around to and from and across London. First up, had a big early meet in guildford with a publishing partner who’s (all being well) working with us on a… Read More

Guest blog: 19.28

Nottingham is wet, but that’s not why I’m leaving. I was just reading the brief for the guest blogging spot for, which explicitly advises you to keep it Nottingham-focussed, before jumping on a train out of creative Nottingham, which is possibly not the best start. But y’know, please understand I’m going away for a… Read More