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Midweek Links: Now, Near Now, and Later

Can you use your experience to become a trustee?  Of Backlit Gallery?  Backlit, a gallery in an interesting building in Sneinton, is “an artist led studio and gallery space that supports and develops emerging artists”.  They have featured in blogs here often – not least because of their participation in collaboration events with artists such… Read More

Nottingham’s Creative Ecology

References to “ecology” always make me first think of school science lessons, in particular the “class trip” where we had to count all the species we could find in a square yard of nature, somewhere outside school grounds.  Last night in the upstairs lounge at Cape we were treated to some results of a modern… Read More

Links Round-Up: Scary Films and Ideas

Our round-up starts with the question: How scary are you?  Or rather, how scared can you make me be? The Mayhem Film Festival is now accepting entries for its Scary Shorts Programme which will be an important part of the festival 15-18 October this year.   Chris Cooke and Steven Sheil, Mayhem’s Co-Directors, explain: Whether a… Read More

Presentation Event for Creative Class 2015

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of the “Creative Class” for 2015 in Nottingham Contemporary.  The event is organised by Nottingham Means Business and they define the group as: The ‘Creative Class’ is a group of companies chosen each year to represent the flair and entrepreneurial talent in Nottingham. …Applicants do not apply.… Read More

Open and Enter

On Sunday I enjoyed a walk around Lady Bay and the grandparent of all Open Studios.  Lady Bay Open Studios was celebrating 20 years of artistic openness.  The sun was more or less shining and there was a nice community feel as one walked around, almost always passing people clutching their guides, searching out the… Read More

Links Round-Up: Verbs for May

See: Sunscreen, a new commission for EM15 (a partnership of artist-led spaces and institutions from the East Midlands) at the 56th Venice Biennale.  It gives “everyone the opportunity to own and collect up to 40 digital artworks for free”.  Including some location dependent screensavers if you turn on the location functionality in your device. Sunscreen… Read More

Street Art or Graffiti?

Surface Gallery are once again having a Street Art Festival (19 June to 11 July, deadline for submissions is 12 June). Surface Gallery are encouraging participation by showcasing street art on a special Facebook page and the Twitter hashtag #NottmStreetArt2015. I missed this show last year, so it is in the diary for 2015.  I… Read More

Links Round-Up: It’s Friday

Some good news to start the post this week: Nottingham’s first ever Caribbean heritage museum is launching in October during Black History Month this year.  Founder Catherine Ross explains: The SKN Heritage Museum is a new social history museum featuring the contributions made by Caribbean people to British society and Nottingham/Nottinghamshire. The museum will also… Read More