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Guest Blog – Yarn Bombing Revisited.

Yarn bombing is probably the most accessible face of knitting and crocheting. It’s something that every person has a chance of seeing, and by seeing being a part of. Which is nice. I’m sure you’ll have heard about it, but for the uninitiated, yarn bombing (or guerrilla knitting/crochet) is the act of hanging crafted bits… Read More

Guest Blog – The Social Side of Knitting

Much has been made out of the social side of knitting. Guardian type publications over the last couple of years. And now it’s got so popular it’s even popping up in the Daily Mail (who said they were always the last to know?). I don’t know how it happened, it sort of sprang out of… Read More

Guest Blog – The Move

We moved in on the 22nd of August 2010. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we took some silly photos  as we were first opening the doors to remember the day by – here’s the one where I look least like a tit (and that’s saying something…). We had tonnes of stuff for cleaning and painting… Read More