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Guest blog: design responsibility

Early experiences of the design industry gave me a life-long impression of a world of immense possibilities, squandered. I am a designer, I am an observer and for the past 20 years I have worked with many of the UK’s high street retailers and some global fashion brands. Throughout the eighties I was able to… Read More

Guest blog: Only the real win

I talked with a friend. Her daughter recently split up with a soon-to-be Pop Star. Friend was saying that this chap was trying very hard to play the role. It really struck me just how difficult it is to keep up a pretence and how being that way disempowers the player. How is it that… Read More

Guest blog: Nottingham – a creative city?

Creative October kicked off last Friday. Previous years’ winners of the Fashion and Crafts category of the Notts Creative Business Awards put on a reception at Dwell at 1 Fletcher Gate in Nottingham. They are Daniel Hanson, Susi Henson, Debbie Bryan, Laura McCafferty and GH Hurt & Son and they have displays of their work there for the… Read More